Projects Built on Charged Particles
Examples of projects that integrate with or utilize the Charged Particles protocol

ETH Global NFT Hack 2021

  • LootVault - a platform that allows creators to reward their fans with interest-bearing NFTs
  • Farmed Particles - a fun way to visualize the growth of your DeFi money as a farm full of crops
  • Roof^ - interest-bearing security deposit accounts that benefit both landlords and tenants
  • NFTree - a generative art project that helps users visualize their savings growing as a tree

Guild Projects

  • Unchained Music - 100% free music distribution to all Web 2.0 streaming services in which artists can keep ALL of their royalties.
  • Book of Alchemy - Immersive, nesting-technology centered game set in an expansive world of alchemists and weapon crafting.
  • Particlon - The first Charged Particles-integrated generative drop, utilizing nested tokens, gamified mechanics, and lots of brand new utility for generative projects.
  • Grandmother Grove - Regenerative forestry charity initiative using interest-bearing DeFi NFTs to perpetually plant trees.

Additional Examples

  • Signpost - mint and autograph your NFTs (using a Charged Particles Proton as the base NFT)