Community Moderation

Social initiatives


We will soon be doing a lot more community contests for designing things such as sticker sets, apparel, art, memes, and much more. Anything that drums up attention and engagement from the wider community fits in here, and we would love to see other people leading these sorts of initiatives on their own. One of the most important social initiatives is helping to bring more collectors to the platform. These sorts of things would be much more highly rewarded. Creative ideas welcome.

Proposed Rewards for these contributions: 0 - 2000 IONX

Foreign Language Community Leadership


DeFi, NFTs, and crypto in general is a space of inclusivity, and we’d like our community to reflect that. We’ve opened channels for Spanish, Chinese, and Russian language, but we need moderation and outreach to these communities. The first step is opening the doors to those communities, and second is the organization of those channels. This is a lot of work, and for anyone willing and capable of achieving these goals, we’d gladly recognize it significantly.

Proposed Rewards for these contributions: 0 - 5000 IONX



This goal comes primarily after our non-English language communities start to fill out and develop, however, certain key documentation needs to be translated so that these communities can get a basic understanding of the protocol. Later, we’ll need translation of more content.

Proposed Rewards for these contributions: 0 - 1000 IONX