Protocol Overview

Charged Particles is a protocol allowing NFTs to own assets.

While the dApp on is the first implementation, the protocol is open and inter-operable with Ethereum standards. Already, NFT contracts such as Rarible have been whitelisted, allowing them to to also act as custodians for other tokens.

At this stage of development, Charged Particles NFTs (Particles) can own ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens. The protocol has integrated with Aave, allowing interest to accumulate within Particles. This is the first of many integrations on the roadmap.

Currently, the protocol is deployed on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon network, as well as testnets.

Our vision is for the Charged Particles protocol to be integrated with thousands of NFTs, across dozens of platforms, with myriad use cases.

Protons and Particles are standard, non-custodial NFTs, held in your wallet - yours to trade, transfer, sell, etc. just like any other NFT - but with enhanced capabilities.

Charged Particle Value = Intrinsic Value (underlying asset, DAI) + Speculative Value (non-fungible rarity) + Accrued Interest value (accrued in aDAI)

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