Protocol Overview
Charged Particles are NFTs that you can deposit Interest-bearing assets, other tokens, and other NFTs into. A “Particle” is ANY Non-Fungible Token that the Charged Particles Protocol supports.
The amount of interest earned from the token represents the amount of “Charge” that the particle has amassed.
With the Charged Particles Protocol, you’re able to turn ANY NFT into a DeFi NFT or basket of NFTs. It’s still that NFT, e.g. digital art piece, you know and love - but now it’s able to hold other assets (which can be interest-bearing).
These Charged Particles are standard, non-custodial NFTs, held in your wallet - yours to trade, transfer, sell, etc. just like any other NFT - but with enhanced capabilities.
Imagine a rare baseball card purchased and loaded with $100 in 1920. Earning 8% / year, this card would now be worth nearly $300,000.
Today, this collectible baseball card would have an intrinsic value of $300,000 - in addition to the speculative value attached to it.
Charged Particle Value = Intrinsic Value (underlying asset, DAI) + Speculative Value (non-fungible rarity) + Accrued Interest value (accrued in aDAI)
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