The Governance token of Charged Particles protocol

$IONX Token Generation Event (TGE)

$IONX is the native governance token for the Charged Particles Protocol. Our TGE was on 31-May-2021.

Any changes to the Protocol will be proposed and voted on by $IONX token holders. These proposals can include things like adjusting contract configuration values to adjust the protocol deposit fee, implementing scaling solutions, adjusting 3rd party integration fees, registering, adjusting or disabling DeFi protocols as yield sources, whitelisting NFT platforms, and controlling future distribution of $IONX to protocol contributors.

The total token supply of $IONX will be 100,000,000. The supply will be broken down across community, investors, team, advisors, and foundation.

Upon complete distribution of all 100M tokens, an annual inflation rate of 2% will start (after 2 years), distributed directly to the Foundation / DAO Treasury.


Our Charged Particles Photon community has been massive supporters from the start, with some members active in our discord for well over a year now.

50% of the $IONX total supply is reserved for community members. Including:

Initially, 30% of the $IONX total supply is reserved for Liquidity Mining / Yield Farming. Adding value to the Charged Particles Ecosystem, broken down as:

  • 5% for staking $IONX: 48,077 $IONX each week, for 24 months

  • 5% for staking $IONX/ETH (Uniswap) Liquidity: 48,077 $IONX each week, for 24 months

  • 20% for NFT Yield Farming: 192,308 $IONX each week, for 24 months, starting mid-2022. Rewards will be split on Layer 1 and Layer 2 Liquidity Mining. More details will be announced on this, get your LEPTONs ready.

1% of the total supply is allocated to the public listing during the IDO on Polkastarter.

A 3% Airdrop to early community supporters and adopters. This is more of an “Airdrip”, with 1% being unlocked immediately, and the remaining 2% airdripped to these users over the next 3 months linearly. We’ll announce more details on the Airdrop and how to claim when it’s live!

A THANK YOU to our amazing Photon Community. You guys rock.


20% of the total $IONX allocation is reserved for early investors of the protocol, divided among our pre-seed and seed rounds of investment.

All investor allocations are subject to a cliff and lockup period. Pre-Seed investors (15%) are subject to a 1 month lock, with the remainder distributed over 18 months. Seed Investors (5%) are subject to a 1 month lock, with the remainder distributed over 18 months.

Team & Advisors

The Charged Particles team & advisors are allocated 23% of the total $IONX supply. Everyone is subject to a 6 month lock, with the remainder distributed over 24 months.


The Foundation is allocated 7% of the total $IONX supply. There is an unlock of 10% at the TGE, and the remainder vests linearly over 24 months.

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