Charged Particles
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Current Status

Please see our Roadmap for more information on where we're going.
Current status:
  • NFT Support
    • Current: our protocol currently supports NFTs that are created using the Charged Particle Minting Station (Protons), as well as many ERC-721 NFTs minted on
    • We're doing this to ensure safety for users on the platform.
    • Users can mint their own NFTs or choose other NFTs created by Charged Particles Users.
    • Future: Users can add a charge to nearly any NFT - even if created on another platform.
  • Deposit Asset Support
    • Current: ANY ERC-20, ERC-721, or ERC-1155 token can be deposited into NFTs via the Charged Particles DApp.
  • Interest-Bearing Asset Support
    • Current: Support aTokens as the primary interest-bearing assets on the Charged Particle Protocol.
    • Future: Users can energize Particles with many other interest-bearing assets.