Base Reward Program

What is the Base IONX rewards program?

With the Base IONX Rewards Program we are distributing IONX to all those who stake USDC, DAI, SUSD via AAVE within our DApp on either Ethereum or Polygon. Currently, if an allow-listed NFT is energized with a supported AAVE token it will automatically start generating interest. In the background Charged Particles protocol provides liquidity to AAVE with the energized asset, minting and granting the corresponding AAVE token to the NFT. This allows for an NFT to own interest-bearing assets and accrue interest over time. In addition, upon release of the deposited asset, meaning, when both the principal and the interest are removed from the NFT, the reward program will match the interest generated with IONX to the owner of the NFT. The Mainnet reward program will only match USDC, DAI, and SUSD deposits after the reward program launch date.

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