Hackathon Ideas

Charged Particles is NFT Agnostic (ANY NFT) and Token Agnostic (ANY ERC-20 Token - even LP Tokens). Tokens (even other NFTs) Deposited into your NFTs. The principal is configurable (time-locks) and the interest generated, if applicable, is programmable. Check out our article: there are a lot of possibilities.

DeFi’s interest-generating qualities combined with provable scarce digital goods like NFTs... Near infinite possibilities for creative mechanisms around ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens inside of NFTs.

Want some quick ideas for a Hackathon?

Art NFTs DApp Iterations

Our CryptoArt DApp is now live and there's still a lot more we can add to it and functionality with some slight tweaks it could work for!

  • AR Geocaches filled with assets that have programmable interest.

    • VR escape rooms where keys and clues are hidden around the room inside NFT items.

  • Functional puzzle boxes that discharge NFTs based on depositing the proper tokens (in the proper order)

  • NFT Metadata that changes based on Charge (accumulating interest)

  • POAP Vending Machines (NFT within an NFT)

Protocol Iterations

At the PROTOCOL Level, we're always looking for options to upgrade the smart contracts and add additional functionality!

  • Value based (rather than time based) unlock of tokens inside NFT

Music NFTs Innovations

At the PROTOCOL Level, we're always looking for options to upgrade the smart contracts and add additional functionality!

  • Music NFT: Time-locking individual songs within an NFT that have customizable release conditions

  • Automating processes by which token-gated vaults with mp3s/wavs/etc inside can be stored or accessed.

  • As a brainstorm Jumping-off point: creative applications of social tokens within NFTs

  • Utilizing CP to lock mp3s within an NFT in a way that isn't stored on a centralized database.

  • Functioning Metaverse Jukebox NFT for Cryptovoxels, Somnium, Decentraland. Deposit any Music NFT and play it in VR space.

Other Use Cases for Protocol

  • Automated access to token-gated vaults within NFTs

Game Item Use Cases for Protocol

  • Stackable and customize-able in-game assets

  • In-Game items that increase power based on accumulated Charge

  • Chess game

Financial Use Cases for Protocol

We'd LOVE to see some financial use cases built out for the protocol. There's something here, need a financial whiz to help us understand the problems in the space more deeply so we can make sure there's a fix with Charged Particles.

  • Bonds - A Bond represented by a NFT with Collateral Locked inside.

  • Vested Tokens - Illiquid vesting Tokens containerized into a NFT. Great for pre-launch token projects and their investors.

  • Insurance - Each NFT represents an insurance contract

    • Would love to see impermanent loss coverage!

  • Transfer Functions - Deposit tokens into a NFT & enable the ability to transfer entire basket of tokens in a single transaction (ERC721 Transfer).

  • eGift Cards with increasing balance (charge)

  • Goal-based stablecoin account with an image that changes based on the amount of charge and helps people visualize what they're saving for, e.g. the NFT's image could be a gray car that turns into a colored-in one as you get closer to your goal.

Have an idea you don't see listed here? Let us know!

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