Protocol Revenue
We made a conscious decision to raise funds for the protocol. This allows us to not charge any fees at the Protocol Level, and monetization will occur at the DApp level.
We believe in Progressive Decentralization, and future monetization methods will be determined by the community.
Initially, the Charged Particle Protocol generates revenue via a few primary methods.

Currently set at 0.0%
We are able to charge a fee on all deposits through our protocol. Energize a Particle and add $1000 in DAI to it? That can generate $5 DAI in fees for the Charged Particles Protocol.
Nearly all NFTs in existence can use our protocol to repeatedly deposit assets and generate interest.

Currently TBD
This allows Particle Creators to more prominently display their Particles that are for sale in the Charged Particles Market.

Currently TBD
This will allow other platforms to integrate & charge up NFTs on their platforms.
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