Energizing an NFT

See below for text-based instructions

After minting your NFT, it will appear in your Manage page. In order to energize your NFT with other assets, click on the NFT you minted to pull up its Energize page.

You should see the above screen — looking at the NFT you’ve created on Charged Particles. There are a lot of options here which we'll cover on the next page.

For Now:

  • Click "Energize" to load your NFT with any ERC-20, ERC-721, or ERC-1155 token

Next Steps:

  • Choose assets you’d like to deposit into the NFT

  • Here you can select from Aave aTokens, or ANY token (select from the ERC-20 dropdown and/or input contract address). It's important to note that if you expect these tokens to generate interest, they must be selected from the Aave integration dropdown menu. Tokens selected or added in the ERC-20 dropdown are not supported by our integration by Aave. For example, depositing DAI from the Aave dropdown will auto-convert to aDAI and generate interest. DAI added by the ERC-20 dropdown will simply deposit as DAI.

  • You’ll have to confirm a few actions in MetaMask to complete these interactions with the blockchain. (Please note: You will need to sign an 'approve' transaction once before depositing an asset into an NFT. This only needs to be done once per asset per wallet.)

After NFT has been “Energized” — your NFT now has assets deposited in it and you can see it in your NFTs Smart Wallet (MKR, in the example).