Creating a Proposal

How to create a proposal on Charged Particles' voting portal

All Charged Particles proposals start with a Temperature Check, and will be turned into an official proposal after 3 days if the Temperature Check receives >50% "yes" votes.

How to Create a Temperature Check

  1. Click on “Connect wallet” button in top right corner

  2. Connect with wallet provider where you hold $IONX

  3. Click on “New proposal” button in the top right corner

  4. Fill out the Title in accordance with project naming standard

  5. Fill out the large text field with your community proposal

  6. Select the desired voting options

  7. Now go to the “Actions” box

  8. Select the start date

  9. Select the end date (Allow enough time for voting)

  10. Fill out the Snapshot block number (See below: Add a snapshot block number)

  11. Click on “Publish” to create the proposal

  12. Sign the message via your wallet and you are done

Add a Snapshot block number

This number is important, to lock the state of community members who are able to vote. Meaning that if you attempt to vote on a proposal and block number is in the past, and you weren't holding required token yet, your vote will not be counted

  • You can click the "?" top right the snapshot website, and get the block number from there

  • Or just look at and use the last block number

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