Quick Start

This page summarizes all the essentials you will need to know to get started with Charged Particles. Here, is what you need to know to create Nested NFTs, mint a particle, energize a particle, sell, collect, manage NFTs, and interact with our protocol.

For owners/creators:

As an owner/creator, you can mint an NFT, collaborate with multiple artists on a collection, energize an NFT, manage and sell an NFT.

Mint an NFT

The process of creating an NFT with the Charged Particles Particle Accelerator.

pageMinting an NFT

Energize an NFT

The process of adding assets to an NFT. You can add ERC-20 assets or NFTs (ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens). If you deposit assets that are supported by AAVE, they will automatically begin earning interest, thanks to our protocol's AAVE integration. In the future we will support additional yield sources as well.

pageEnergizing an NFT

Manage an NFT

As an owner/creator of the NFT, you can Set Price, Set Time Lock, Energize, Discharge, and Release an NFT.

pageManage an NFT

For developers:

The Charged Particles protocol exists as open-access Smart Contracts on the Ethereum and Polygon (previously Matic) Blockchains. This means that interacting with the protocol is permissionless - anyone can build a DApp layer or communicate directly with the blockchain to access the Charged Particles protocol.

Our Contracts and Subgraphs are both open-source and available on Github.

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