Governance Process

What to do, where to go, and how to stay up to date on Charged Particles governance.

Process Phases

Phase 1 - Pitch an Idea

Propose an idea in the Ideas and Discussion forum category.

Phase 2 - Discussion and Iteration

Allow at least 3 days for community members to discuss your idea and give feedback on what they do or do not like about the proposal.

Phase 3 - Temperature Check

Create a Snapshot poll with the label temperature check If the "temperature check" poll receives >50% "yes" votes with at least 20% of total eligible $IONX votes participating, the proposal moves to step 4.

Phase 4 - Official Proposal

Draft an official governance proposal using the template and contact a forum moderator to get it posted in the appropriate category. Forum moderators are responsible for ensuring that the forum post meets the standard for an official proposal.

Phase 5 - Official Vote

Once a moderator posts the official proposal, a 7 day voting period starts in which $IONX holders can signal their desired outcome on Snapshot.

Phase 6 - Conclusion + Execution

After 7 days, the official Snapshot vote will close, the Multisig signers and forum moderators will share the outcome with the community, and the Multisig signers will either execute the results of the vote on-chain or otherwise start the process to execute on the proposal (if the vote does not have executable code).

Participation and Staying Informed

Governance-related activity and communication takes place in multiple places. In order to stay up to date with any ongoing votes and other Governance-related topics, use the tools shown at the appropriate stage.


Evolution of Charged Particles Governance

We believe in progressive decentralization and community governance. The Charged Particles Governance Process will continue to evolve over time to meet the needs of the protocol and community. Any changes to the process must be voted on $IONX holders.

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