Common Terminology

The SDK may use language you are unfamiliar with if you have never used the Charged Particles protocol. Let’s warm up with the terms you will see frequently.

Particles / Protons

Particles are simply any ERC721 compatible NFTs. Proton’s on the other hand are NFTs minted through the Charged Particles dApp.

Going forward we will refer to NFTs as particles or NFTs interchangeably.


Energizing a particle means to deposit assets (i.e. ERC20 Tokens, ERC721 or ERC1155 Tokens) into the NFT. The particle will then “control” these assets and be stored within. Transferring the NFT also transfers these assets.


The assets in the particle.


The interest generated in the particle.


If you energize your particle with an interest bearing token (Any ERC20 compatible with Aave currently), it will accrue interest or charge while bonded to the particle. Users have the choice of discharging this interest either the full amount or a specified amount whenever they choose.


Separates assets from the particle. Users can specify the amount released.


Bonding is the same as energizing but we use this term when speaking about both ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs. If you use the protocol on a lower level you will see this as covalent bonding.

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