Protocol Governance
Details surrounding the protocol's governance process and the $IONX and $CHARGE tokens


The Charged Particles community shapes the protocol's direction. Holders of Charged Particles' official governance token, $IONX, can propose and vote on Charged Particles Improvement Proposals (CPIPs) that directly effect how the protocol works. CPIPs are binding and the results of all votes are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
In addition to voting on Protocol Changes, $IONX holders will also be periodically allowed to vote on which art should be featured on, but those votes will remain non-binding for the time being.
Individuals who hold $CHARGE but no $IONX will not be able to vote.


    Process - How an official CPIP goes from idea to implementation
    Voting - tutorial on how to vote on a Charged Particles temperature check or improvement proposal
    Delegating Votes - tutorial on how to delegate your voting power to another $IONX holder
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Governance, $IONX, and $CHARGE
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