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What is a Lepton?

Lepton NFTs are rare limited NFTs that come with additional functionality: giving its owner additional rewards earned on top of the IONX base reward program. There are 6 different Leptons to choose from that vary in their multiplier effects and can be combined to increase their total multiplier effect. Every deposited Lepton must be of a different type for it to be accounted for in the program. If 6 different Leptons are deposited, the base reward will be multiplied by 10x. If fewer than 6 have been deposited, the multiple becomes the total of the top 4 Leptons divided by 2. Each Lepton is a standard ERC-721, non-custodial NFT that is able to be resold on popular secondary markets like OpenSea.
Stacking Leptons:
You can stack up to 6 Leptons in a single NFT but they must be a different tier. For multiple Leptons, add the top 4 multipliers and divide by 2. If you own all 6 Leptons, you get 10x Rewards.
Calculate Rewards
The variables in calculation are
  • Base multiplier: defines how we match interest to IONX reward, 100% means that for every 1 USDC, DAI, or SUSD of interest, it will be matched with 1 IONX.
  • Lepton multiplier: This can vary depending on the deposited assets.
  • Interest rate: The expected AAVE overall interest

How much are Leptons?

There are 6 different tiers of Leptons available, starting at 0.3 ETH with a 1.1x multiplier and going up to 21 ETH for a 5.1x multiplier.

How many Lepton NFTs can I buy at once?

Limit of 25 Leptons per purchase. Per Tier.

How do I transfer a Lepton (or other NFT) to another wallet?

We have a transfer button located on the NFT page in the NFT Wallet Viewer -

What about Lepton v1?

Lepton v1 has been discontinued. If you had purchased a Lepton v1, you were airdropped a Lepton v2. You can read all about the upgrades here:
This is the NEW contract address:
This is the OLD contract address, these Lepton do not have yield-multiplying properties and are not used on the platform in any way: