Charged Particles
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Manage an NFT

The Energize page for each NFT has a lot more functionality to offer As an owner/creator of the NFT, you’re able to:
  • Set Price — Owners of the NFTs can Set Price for these NFTs to make them available for sale, at that price, on the Charged Particles Marketplace. Users can purchase your NFT directly from it’s link even if it is not listed in the Marketplace.
  • Set Time Lock — Charged Particles allows for you to lock the principal amount deposited into your NFT (time lock). This is available per asset, or for all assets contained by your NFT
  • Energize — Process of depositing assets to an NFT.
  • Discharge — The process of collecting the charge from a charged particle
  • Release — The process of collecting the principal amount from a charged particle.
You can share the link to this energize page to prospective buyers of your NFTs (on social medias, please make sure to tag @definft too!).
It’s important to note that anybody with the link can energize your NFT — even if they don’t own it. So don’t be alarmed if additional assets show up inside your NFT. You still own the NFT (until it’s sold) and only the NFT owner can Release the assets.

Manage your External NFTs

NFTs minted on Rarible are now live on the Charged Particles Protocol! This means that you can use Charged Particles functionality and earn interest, deposit social tokens, and nest other NFTs within your Rarible NFTS. We currently support 4 of the many types of Rarible contracts. In the future, more contracts and NFT platforms will be supported.
Use the External tab to manage your Rarible NFTs
On each NFT's Energize page you can see its associated contract below the image

Rarible Contract Addresses

Contract Type
Rarible ERC-721
Rarible ERC-1155
Rarible ERC-1155
Rarible Collection