Charged Particles
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Minting an NFT

If you have experience using the Ethereum blockchain, minting on the Charged Particles DApp should feel comfortable and easy to understand. For those who might be new to the process, we recommend following the links below to learn a bit more before continuing.

Getting Started

See below for text-based instructions
Enter the Charged Particles DApp by clicking HERE
  • Click Login and Login with your Web3 wallet provider of choice (e.g. MetaMask)
  • After logging in, you can click “Mint Particle”
  • Choose File — Right now we recommend smaller files, <10mb. And recommend jpg, png, or gif. We’ll be adding additional support later.
Next steps:
You’ll have to confirm a few actions in MetaMask to finish this step.
Charged Particles doesn’t charge any fees, but you will be responsible for Gas fees.