Charged Particles NFTs - What Are They?

With Charged Particles, you can create a truly unique NFT, and it’s important to note that NFTs created via Charged Particles are still standard non-custodial NFTs (ERC-721s) that can be sold on popular marketplaces like Rarible or Opensea, but you’re enabling them to easily hold other tokens within them and have programmable principal & interest.

Yes, at Charged Particles we have a marketplace and a minting station. We set ourselves apart from many platforms by charging absolutely 0 fees. We’re also completely server-less so we’re never collecting any data on you as you interact with our DApp.

Yes, we do host some of the biggest MetaVerse Parties seen today with thousands of participants attending to celebrate our artists and their exclusive drops and yes, we’ve reached the 7 figure mark in sales of NFTs from Charged Particles.

However, eventually our protocol will blend into the background of many other platforms, and the ability to “Charge” or “Energize” your NFT is the aspect we really care about.

Have a favorite NFT that you’ve minted somewhere else? In our Discord, you can vote on which platforms you'd like to see whitelisted. This means that you can now take your favorite NFT — even if it was minted somewhere else — and “Energize” it, filling it with with as many tokens as you like using Charged Particles.

Charged Particles allows you to do so much more than *just* create a NFT, our protocol allows you to transform your NFT into a basket holding other tokens (ERC-20 AND even other NFTs). It’s time to DO MORE with your NFTs and truly stand out from the crowd. Shouldn’t your NFT do more than JUST be a provably scarce digital collectible? We think so and we’re so excited to see true creativity in the space. So, what exactly can I do with Charged Particles?

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