Liquidity Mining

Rewards of IONX that can earn yield and be able to be multiplied through a technology we've developed in the form of an NFT called a Lepton

The liquidity mining program consists of a set mechanism that utilizes Charged Particles nesting technology while also providing incentives for users. Formed by two dynamics, the IONX base reward distribution and the Lepton multiplier effect. The former matches with IONX the interest generated by USDC, DAI, and SUSD through AAVE within NFTs approved for use in the Charged Particles protocol, and the latter will amplify that amount by a multiplier effect that ranges from 1.1x to 10x; depending on the Lepton NFT that is nested in the same NFT. At the same time, the reward program can be repurposed for interested projects looking for new ways to create engagement with their user base.

How to participate Participating is as simple as energizing and nesting into an allowed-listed NFT in Ethereum Mainnet. We are going to need USDC, DAI, or SUSD tokens, an allowed NFT, and optionally a Lepton NFT. Here is a list of all compatible NFTs within Charged Particles protocol, alternatively you can mint one directly through our minting site. USDC can be purchased on any exchange or swapped for other tokens in most on-chain swaps. Finally, leptons can be minted through here, or purchased at second-hand markets.

  1. Find your NFT: First, we are going to access the “manage view” of the NFT. Then sign in to the wallet Dapp and make sure you are connected to the ethereum Mainnet network. Then, in the grid view select the collection dropdown and mark the “Chargeable NFTs” option. Once you find the NFT select it to jump onto the mange view.

  2. Energize: Alongside the “Charged Tokens” section click on the red lighting bolt. We are taken to the energize tab, here select “Aave ERC-20s” then choose the second option, USDC. Now you will go through two transactions, approving the protocol to use the token amount, and then energizing your NFT with the USDC.

Congratulations, that's it, the NFT is participating in the IONX reward program. You can now relax and let the interest accumulate. Keep in mind that this will grant you the base reward, we can now deposit our Lepton to multiply the base reward.

  1. Bond: In the energize view select the “Bond” tab, select the Lepton collection, and specify the token ID on the second select. Finally, approve and bond your Lepton; the multiplier effect will be proportional to the time it spends there. If you own more than one, feel free to repeat this process.

  2. Claim rewards: In order to claim the rewards from the reward program we need to release the nested USDC from your NFT. From the energize view, go into the release tab, and release your USDC tokens. This will return to the owner the principal deposit, the interest gathered, and the IONX rewards. FAQ

  • How long will the program last?

The reward program will run until all of the IONX is dispersed.

  • What happens if I claim after the program ends?

There is no limit date for claiming the rewards

  • Is there a limit on the IONX reward?

There is no limit.

  • What happens if I remove my lepton?

The multiplied effect of deposits of leptons is proportional to its time spent nested.

  • How does IONX accrue?

Aave interest is matched by IONX upon release of the assets from the nested particle.

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