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What is Charged Particles?

Charged Particles is a protocol that allows users to deposit ERC-20, 721, and 1155 tokens into an NFT. The principal (mass) and accrued interest (charge, if applicable) are both fully programmable.

Who is behind Charged Particles?

We are a distributed team building the core infrastructural technology needed in the development of NFTs. You can read more about us on our About page.🤗

We have a very wonderful group of community members, If you'd like to contribute to what we’re building, feel free to join the community on Discord.

What is the difference between the Charged Particles Protocol & DApp?

The first DApp live on the Charged Particles Protocol is specifically for CryptoArt & CryptoCollectibles. The DApp showcases a number of features of the protocol in an easy-to-use interface for users. Docs will be released later in 2021 to allow additional DApps leveraging more features available in the Charged Particles Protocol.

What can I do with Charged Particles?

Your NFT is transformed into a basket that is able to hold multiple ERC tokens, even other NFTs. The easiest use case is to create an NFT, and deposit tokens into that NFT. There are a LOT of use cases.

What NFTs are created on the Charged Particles Protocol?

NFTs minted on app.charged.fi are Protons. Protons are standard ERC-721 NFTs but with a bit of added functionality to enable native royalties and creator annuities.

Which blockchains does Charged Particles currently support?

Ethereum and Polygon, and we plan to support additional networks in the future.

Where is the data that is contained within a charged particle hosted? i.e. if I want to add a song to the NFT, where is that data stored?

All NFTs created on app.charged.fi have their metadata uploaded to IPFS.

Is Charged Particles Code Audited?

It is, you can see the details in our announcement in July'21. But please always DYOR.

Does Charged Particles have a token?

The official Charged Particles Governance Token is IONX. For the time being, Charged Particles is only available on Uniswap v2 and Gate.io. Please make sure to use due diligence and confirm the official contract addresses before purchasing anything. Do not trust suspicious links sent to you in direct messages. Our team will never DM you first regarding anything to do with the token. Official ETH Contract Address: 0x02d3a27ac3f55d5d91fb0f52759842696a864217 Official Polygon Contract Address: 0x01b317bC5eD573FAa112eF64DD029F407CecB155 Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/charged-particles

What is the utility of IONX?

IONX is the protocol governance token essential to control the protocol's core features and governance. At the moment, you can do single-asset staking with it, or provide liquidity to the ETH/IONX pool on Uniswap and earn rewards.

In the near future you will be able to make governance votes using IONX once the Charged Particles DAO officially launches.


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