Use Cases
Applications of Charged Particles protocol in action.

Gift Baskets

Cryptmas Stockings

Christmas pressies packed with both DeFi tokens and NFTs. 3 variations: Tough Turtles, Groovy Afterlife and Matrix tokens
Epic treasure chest full of tokens and NFTs as the prize for the NFT NYC scavenger hunt winner. See the NFT here
Transfer a multitude of assets in a single transaction.

Company Tokens locked in a NFT

Create a custom-designed Non Fungible Token (NFT) filled with your company's tokens (timelocked) and airdropped to your biggest community supporters. Numerous examples such as: MATRIX Tokens or XFUND.

Art Earning Interest

A wearable earning compounding interest. See the NFT here
A comedic NFT with prestigious "ape artworks" and $100k USDC compounding inside. See the NFT here

Nested Bundles of Artwork

A collaborative 'Russian doll' of 20 artworks by 20 artists, wrapped like onion layers. Read more here and here. See the NFT here.
A charitable NFT co-created by almost 1000 artists. An image of Sofia Darbinyan--the charities insipiration is Nested inside. See the NFT here.
Five iconic football moments captured inside 1 NFT. See the NFT here.
14 unique NFTs from 14 artists all locked inside a single NFT. See the NFT here.

Redemption Tickets

Twenty NFTs with embedded one-time redeemable tickets (tokens) by Soundwave Photon. See an example NFT here.

Portfolio Fractionalization

Nest assets in a Charged Particle NFT. Fractionalize it. Voilà--fractional ownership of a basket of assets. See the NFT here.

Token Vesting

Nest and time-lock tokens in an NFT for vesting period. This can then be traded without the tokens hitting the market.

Crowd Funding Campaigns

A 3 part story, with chapters that unlock once the Chapter NFT itself receives a threshold level of community donations. This example utilizes See the NFT here.
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