How to Use Charged Particles

With Charged Particles, you can mint your NFT, energize your NFT, and manage your NFT as a creator/owner.

Mint an NFT

  1. Open the Charged Particles DApp and Login with your Web3 wallet provider of choice (e.g. MetaMask).

  2. Click “Mint Particle”.

  3. Choose File — Currently, we recommend smaller files, <10mb. And recommend jpg, png, or gif. We’ll be adding additional support later.

  4. Choose your NFT’s Name, Description, and Enable (or not) creator royalties.

  5. MINT and create your NFT.

Full instructions to Mint an NFT:

Minting an NFT

Energize an NFT

  1. After minting your NFT, it will appear in your Manage page. In order to energize your NFT with other assets, click on the NFT you minted to pull up its Energize page.

  2. Click "Energize" to load your NFT with any ERC-20, ERC-721, or ERC-1155 token.

  3. Choose assets you’d like to deposit into the NFT.

  4. You can select from Aave aTokens, or ANY token (select from the ERC-20 dropdown and/or input contract address).

  5. You’ll have to confirm a few actions in MetaMask to complete these interactions with the blockchain.

Full Energize an NFT instructions:

Energizing an NFT

Manage an NFT

As an owner/creator of the NFT, you're able to:

Full Manage an NFT instructions:

Manage an NFT

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