Use Cases
Applications of Charged Particles protocol in action.

Vesting Capsules

Nest and time-lock tokens in an NFT for a vesting period. This NFT can be immediately traded or collateralized without the tokens hitting the market. Read all about Vesting Capsules here
Vesting vouchers from the launch of $PDT are inside Vesting Capsules. In lieu of a time-lock, the team has elected that the Capsules function as a "Governance Vessels", as long as the vesting vouchers remain within the Vesting Capsule. Each Vesting Capsule is individually customized for each of the 17 founders of Paragons DAO. (Proton token IDs 685-701, 703). 16.8 million $PDT vested inside, for a Total Value Locked of $25.2 million (at time of issue).


10% of the Total Supply of FRAK tokens has been locked in Charged Particles Vesting Capsules.
A single DAO Capsule NFT can act as:
  • A membership/governance token for access and voting (compatible with Snapshot, Collabland, Gnosis, etc.)
  • A vault to time-lock tokens of equity
  • A mailbox/bank account to receive payments/dividends/rewards/NFTs
NFTs for Peer-to-Peer OTC trades. A single Escrow Capsule NFT can exchange multiple tokens between parties in one trustless transaction.

Commission-free Services

A revolutionary business model for music distribution royalties: 0 % fees for the musicians. This business model is sound, as royalties are converted to stablecoins, which earn interest for the distribution service until claimed by the musician.

Gift Baskets

Christmas pressies packed with both DeFi tokens and NFTs. 3 variations: Tough Turtles, Groovy Afterlife and Matrix tokens
Epic treasure chest full of tokens and NFTs as the prize for the NFT NYC scavenger hunt winner. See the NFT here

Company Promotional NFTs

Custom-designed NFTs filled with company's tokens and optionally time-locked. These make exciting giveaways, community prizes, and indeed revenue sources for companies with tokens.
Community giveaway of 'Rare Red Pill' NFTs, each 'loaded' with 1000 $MATRIX tokens.


xFUND NFT Genesis Series NFTs were a community competition for artwork using the xFUND branding.

Art Earning Interest

A wearable earning compounding interest. See the NFT here
A comedic NFT with prestigious "ape artworks" and $100k USDC compounding inside. See the NFT here

Phygital, Augmented Reality, DeFi-embedded NFTs

Both Alana Tashjian and Soundwaves Photon, have created NFTs that combine 'Phygitality' (physical artworks connected to digital artworks), Augmented Reality, and Decentalized Finance within a single piece. Check them out here.

Financial Applications

Nest assets in a Charged Particle NFT. Fractionalize it. Voilà--fractional ownership of a basket of assets. See the NFT here.
Transfer a multitude of assets in a single transaction.
An Index Fund can be created by Energizing an NFT with a basket of digital assets, and then fractionalizing it.

Escrow Capsules

Crypto Estate Sales

Collateralizing Your Crypto Portfolio

Nested Bundles of Artwork

A collaborative 'Russian doll' of 20 artworks by 20 artists, wrapped like onion layers. Read more here and here. See the NFT here.
A charitable NFT co-created by almost 1000 artists. An image of Sofia Darbinyan--the charities insipiration is Nested inside. See the NFT here.
Five iconic football moments captured inside 1 NFT. See the NFT here.
14 unique NFTs from 14 artists all locked inside a single NFT. See the NFT here.

Redemption Tickets

Twenty NFTs with embedded one-time redeemable tickets (tokens) by Soundwave Photon. See an example NFT here.

Crowd Funding Campaigns

A three-part story, with chapters that unlock once the Chapter NFT itself receives a threshold level of community donations. This example utilizes See the NFT here.

Liquidity Mining Multipliers

NFTs with super-powers! LMMs enable owners to earn a higher multiple liquidity mining rewards for a specific liquidity pool. While the first example of these is Leptons by Charged Particles, the technology is available for other projects to incentivize their liquidity providers.

More Use Case Ideas

  • Geocaches with Dischargeable interest
  • 'Combine Harvesting': farm multiple protocols with a single NFT
  • Turn your favorite NFT into a Goal-Based interest earning Piggy bank. The accumulating interest inside of your NFT changes the image of the artwork as time progresses. Visually seeing your goal-based savings account transforming closer and closer to that goal . The NFT image would change based on the amount of charge and helps people visualize what they’re saving for, e.g. the NFT’s image could be a gray car that turns into a colored-in one as you get closer to your goal.
  • Music NFT: A Meta “Album” NFT filled with (time-locked) individual songs NFTs that have customizable release conditions
  • Token-Gated Access Newsletters / Chats — Incorporating the accumulated interest (‘charge’) aa NFT has — incorporating this ‘proof of length of NFT ownership’ mechanic quite beautifully.
  • Financial-themed Art. Used for financial communities. Think of a beautifully designed 100 LINK Bill filled with 100 LINK worth of aLINK growing interest over time.
  • Charity-Focused Art Sales. Portion of interest-generated (CHARGE) always pays out to charity (or any ETH address).
  • Patreon-Style Donations. Fans can deposit tokens into an artist’s NFT. The artist’s NFT (pre-sale) can be accruing donations before being sold in the open market.
  • Particle with link to Physical Art. Think about having a Particle that is linked to a physical artwork, generating charge internally, giving a percentage to charity/museum. The charity/museum element would be a much more interest-ing and accessible thing for someone non-crypto-native to appreciate the digital ‘core’ of the piece. Rather than just looking at a jpeg, they’re looking at a piece of functional technology that is generating good in the world while it sits on the wall.
  • Virtual Geocaching. Treasure hunts for hidden NFTs in the Metaverse! When you find it you get to discharge the accrued interest and leave your name. The NFT stays for the next person to find… the longer it takes, the more accumulated interest (charge) to gain!
  • Transfer collections of tokens in a single transaction (ERC721 Transfer). FIll up your NFT with a basket of other tokens. This basket is easily transferable, could be used as a trust as the contents can be timelocked.
  • Entertainment NFTs — a basket of trading cards based on Celebrities who have social tokens, and the NFTs contain some amount of their token
NFTs can be filled with multiple tokens. Want your NFT to hold 1000 aDAI, 0.022 UNI-V2, 0.052 UNI-V2, 100 aDAI, 2 WETH, 1000 $ALEX — No worries!
Configurations on when/who/how the Mass (Principle) or Charge (Interest) can be reclaimed.
Configurations on where/when/how interest is discharged for NFTs with aTokens.
Ability for any user to easily deposit tokens into other users’ NFT.
These building blocks enabled by Charged Particles; paired with the creativity we see in this space… We’re excited!
We’re always open for community feedback & would love to help support additional ideas If you have a great idea, reach out in Discord!