Leptons v2

LEPTON v2 NFTs are digitally scarce, ERC-721 that have superpowers.
Once activated, LEPTON v2 NFTs act as a rewards multiplier / booster, giving its owner additional rewards earned when the Charged Particles Governance Token liquidity mining goes live.
LEPTON v2 NFTs enable its owner to earn up to 5.1x the normal rewards during liquidity mining distribution (TBA) and there is no cap to the additional rewards earned with LEPTON NFTs.
STACKING LEPTONS IS NOW ENABLED. If you own 4+ LEPTON v2s, add the top two multipliers (e.g. 7.4x Rewards = 5.1 [Tau] + 2.3 [Muon]). If you own all 6 LEPTONs, you get 10x Rewards.
Each LEPTON v2 is a standard ERC-721, non-custodial NFT that is able to be resold on popular secondary markets like OpenSea.

LEPTON v1 has been discontinued. If you had purchased a LEPTON v1, you were airdropped a LEPTON v2. You can read all about the upgrades here: https://medium.com/charged-particles/lepton-v2-stackable-yield-multiplier-nfts-5a05a30a9585
This is the NEW contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3Cd2410EAa9c2dCE50aF6CCAb72Dc93879a09c1F
This is the OLD contract address, these LEPTONs do not have yield-multiplying properties and are not used on the platform in any way: https://etherscan.io/address/0x76a5df1c6f53a4b80c8c8177edf52fbbc368e825

LEPTON NFTs are activated by Depositing them into your NFT that you are using for Liquidity Mining / Yield Farming (TBA)

At Charged Particles, we believe in Progressive Decentralization and will launch our governance token in the future.
When launched, the majority of the Charged Particles governance tokens’ allocation will be allocated to the community and will be distributed via liquidity mining / yield farming programs to help encourage use of the Charged Particles platform.
We envision a world where key Charged Particles Protocol decisions are decided by its governance token holders, and these governance token holders vote to control various core functionalities of the protocol.
The details on the Liquidity Mining Program as well as the Charged Particles Protocol Governance token will be announced at a later date. There currently is no governance token for Charged Particles and we will announce more information before the launch — Please beware of scams.
To be clear, you don’t need a LEPTON NFT to participate in liquidity mining programs, but if you own one you will receive boosted rewards. These boosted rewards by LEPTON NFT holders have no limit, you will earn boosted rewards as long as you’re holding the NFT.

There are 6 different tiers of LEPTON v2s available, starting at 0.3 ETH with a 1.1x multiplier and going up to 21 ETH for a 5.1x multiplier.

If you own 4+ LEPTON v2s, add the top two multipliers (e.g. 7.4x Rewards = 5.1 [Tau] + 2.3 [Muon]).
If you own all 6 LEPTONs, you get 10x Rewards.

LEPTON NFTs are for sale on our website at: https://app.charged.fi/go/leptons
Secondary markets may exist on other sites like OpenSea.

Limit of 25 LEPTONs per purchase. Per Tier.

Press “Add Token” in your MetaMask
Choose “Custom Token”
Add this address to Token Contract Address: 0x3Cd2410EAa9c2dCE50aF6CCAb72Dc93879a09c1F
The rest should autofill and click Next

Metamask doesn't support NFT as you can't specify the Token ID of the NFT you want to transfer
Easiest way with Metamask is to go to the contract on Etherscan (e.g Contract for LEPTONS is: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3cd2410eaa9c2dce50af6ccab72dc93879a09c1f) , click the Contract tab as in the screenshot below, connect you wallet, and then find the safeTransferFrom method in the list (see screenshot). You will need to know the token ID:

For those with errors in the multi txs... we tried to save on gas for users (still high!) by not firing off individual transfer events. Can check here under “BalanceOf”: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3cd2410eaa9c2dce50af6ccab72dc93879a09c1f#readContract
You still have your LEPTON v2s, and you’ll be able to use them as Multiplier NFTs. They should be appearing, this was one of the fixes with v2 versus the first version LEPTON.
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